Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Why not build a memory palace? We did, and here's what it looks like

Do you have a memory palace?

Have you ever used one to aid your study of the tarot?

In the book that comes with the English Magic Tarot, Andy details exactly how you can use this ancient memory technique to deepen your knowledge and bring the cards vividly to life.

One fine day, not too long ago, Rex was talking to Steve about memory palaces, when Steve said “I know, why don’t we make one. You know, a physical one that we could hold?”.

So they did, and we thought we'd share it here.

But…you’ll have to wait until you get hold of the box set to see how it all works.


  1. That's a rather splendid construction... if I say so myself!

  2. Currently reading The Memory Code by Lynne Kelly (highly recommend it!) and was thinking of doing something similar with tarot and other cards!

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